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José-Miguel-Insulzaviagra generic prescription times;”>STATEMENT BY FRED MITCHELL MP



21 November 2014


Yesterday it was reported in the press of Jamaica that during a visit to Jamaica, the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS) Jose Miguel Inzulza made comments about the immigration policies of The Bahamas government. The report in indirect speech said that the Secretary General had referred to “round ups” in The Bahamas of Haitians.

Last evening, I instructed the Ambassador to the OAS Dr. Elliston Rahming to make an immediate call to the Secretary General for an urgent clarification of this report. I am to meet the Secretary General (SG) in Washington shortly.

I did not propose prior to now to make any public comment about the content of that proposed meeting because the concerns raised earlier by the SG had been raised in camera with our officials. I am advised that the Assistant Secretary General was briefed fully on the policies and by extension the organization. Therefore any suggestion of the round up of people should not have been expressed from that office.

The record will also show that I have repeatedly said: we do not round up people, you round up cattle.

On 1st November The Bahamas government put in place a simple administrative measure to stop fraudulent practices in applying for work permits and to ensure that all people who have the right to live and work in The Bahamas are fully documented.

Immigration checks have been ongoing since we took office in 2012. Nothing new in that direction has occurred. We have repatriated over 3000 people since the start of the year to their home countries. Another two repatriation flights will follow next week.  The Detention Centre is now at capacity.

This report is yet another example of the unfortunate and ill informed commentary about these simple measures.

I spoke to Fred Smith the attorney and human rights activist personally yesterday in public view and said to him that his comments where the policies were described as “ethnic cleansing” were entirely unhelpful and extreme – particularly since there is nothing on which to base any such an assertion

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. The words are inflammatory and can lead to incitement. He needs to withdraw those comments and the defamatory statements made about immigration officers that they are Gestapo like and involved in institutional terrorism.

The internationally inaccurate commentary often arises because of people in this country making wild and unfounded claims. There has not been a single report of abuse of any kind by any immigration officer reported to us since 1st November. Both the Free National Movement and the Democratic National Alliance have indicated that they have not heard of any either.

I will be speaking to all countries in our immediate neighborhood in a few days to ensure that these false assertions do not make their way uncritically into some human rights report and then becomes a way of describing what goes on in The Bahamas.

This is a completely open and transparent exercise. There has to be oversight by NGO’s and there is oversight by them and by the Department of Social Services. The Department has a formal role. The NGO’s have access to information and review upon request. Nothing is hidden. No particular group is the target of this exercise and people should stop spreading that falsehood. They should also stop using the term “round up” because no such exercises have taken place.

Some people have also spoken about the constitutional basis of the exercise of the authority of Immigration officers.

The power of arrest is contained in the. The constitution says that in the exercise of that discretion such an officer can do so only when there is a reasonable suspicion of an offence having been committed, in the process of being committed or about to be committed. The Immigration Department is aware of the constitutional standard and does not violate that standard.

I wish to thank the Department again for their work.