Stats On Men And Women In The Work Force

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generic viagra cialis times;”>The Nassau Guardian on Monday  24th August reported on the findings by the Department of Statistics on the breakdown of women and men in the work force.  The survey was taken between 27th April and 3rd May.  The Guardian says that the Department of Statistics discovered that  there were 118, best viagra sovaldi 770 people employed in the private sector  which is 65 per cent of the work force.   The breakdown: 57, viagra 440 women and 61,330 men.  The government and the public corporations hire 59 per cent more women than men and the breakdown: 14,080 men and 22,430 women.  Self- employed 9,185 women and 18,340 men.  Unemployed : 13,375 women and 11,605 men.  The rate of unemployment is 12 per cent nationally.