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Editor’s Note: Following the issue of the press statement by Dr Darvile, The Tribune reported that sterilization had resumed at PMH but we have since learned that PMH has been using the facilities at Doctors Hospital which can only handle one third of the volume of sterilization.)

Statement by Senator Michael Darville
Opposition spokesman on Health

On malfunctioning sterilisation equipment 

For Immediate Release
8 January 2020

The Minister of Health must explain how is it that elective surgeries have been suspended for more than one week reportedly because of malfunctioning sterilisation equipment.

Working conditions and employee morale at PHA healthcare facilities have steadily deteriorated over the last thirty months while the part time Health Minister who wants to play both service provider and regulator insults healthcare professionals, describes the problems in the system and blame the PLP.

The air condition systems don’t work, the children’s ward can’t get fixed, nurses and doctors can’t get paid outstanding funds duly owed to them and now the sterilisation equipment don’t work.

The public health system is dysfunctional under Dr. Duane Sands who must get to work, focus on his job or step down.

The government must explain how the equipment got to the state it is currently in, the steps being taken to resolve this challenge and the proactive measures to be implemented to avoid a reoccurrence of this nightmare.

Patients, loved ones and Bahamians generally are losing confidence in the PHA.