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The Free National Movement is feeling pretty good about itself these days.  They have gotten rid of the troublesome Lanisha Rolle, the disgraced sports minister.  The bump which the PLP got from that shock resignation was wiped off the front pages with a debate inspired by the PLP’s Picewell Forbes and his decision to quit. The FNM have shunted off  the disgraced Peter Turnquest and replaced him with Kwasi Thompson, the formless, blameless, all things to all men kind of guy as their rep in East Grand Bahama. Out west it seems the natives in Grand Bahama are restless and threatening mayhem if their man of business does not get the nomination or nothing. Their alternative will be their favourite daughter Pakiesha Parker Edgecombe MP who has parlayed playing footsy with the PLP into now becoming a minister of the government albeit in a  useless job as the Disaster Preparedness Minister.  She has nothing to do but be called minister. Praise God and pass the ammunition. Yes things look pretty good for Minnis.  Everything is in order. The ducks all lined up.  Well except hang on: there is no airport in Grand Bahama, no hotel in Grand Bahama, no hospital in Grand Bahama and well no one is working.  The power company says they want their fifteen million back from the consumers and so they are gonna start charging. There is debris all over the city from Hurricane Dorian.  That’s a pretty picture alright. Why doesn’t the Prime Minister be brave and call the general election?