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( The following was reported in The Nassau Guardian on 13 March 2023 in the continuing fight within the FNM, following an order by the Leader Michael Pintard and Chairman Dr Duane Sands that Dr. Hubert Minnis former Prime Minister, should not be allowed to speak at branch meetings of the FNM.  Bennett Minnis the man who made racist and homophobic remarks about the PLP when the party was in opposition is causing strife again—Editor)

“Dr. Sands cannot dictate to us in Mount Moriah,” said Bennett Minnis in an interview with The Nassau Guardian yesterday.

“He tried it in Garden Hills, but he couldn’t do it. Mount Moriah is part of the FNM, but we take care of our own bills.

“He might try it with one or two weak constituencies, but Mount Moriah is not a weak constituency.”

Bennett Minnis added, “We support the leadership of the party, but who we choose to speak at our meeting, that’s our right, not Dr. Sands’.

“He can’t tell us what to do from what we mustn’t do. So, I don’t listen to him. I don’t pay attention to him.

“We are not a weak constituency, and if he wants to talk about expulsion, then he can go right ahead.

“We are not afraid of being expelled from the party. He can’t expel us. We are FNMs.”…

Yesterday, Bennett Minnis insisted, “He (Sands) can’t expel anybody. He can say what he wants to say, but he can’t dictate and tell us what to do from what we mustn’t do, and I maintain that. We invited Dr. Minnis to speak at our constituency association on the 21st. Dr. Minnis will speak.

“The national party does not pay Mount Moriah’s bills. We don’t ask them for anything. We support the party. We support everything the party had. We support the leadership. We support Pintard, the leader of the party. As long as he is the leader of the party, he has my full support as chairman of the Mount Moriah constituency and the executive.

“If there’s a convention and anyone else wants to run, then we will make a decision then whether we will continue to support the present leadership or support someone else. But until then, I don’t give it a thought because we support the party. We are FNMs. We support the leadership of the party.”