Stupid Things Said By FNM Leaders

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Stupidity starts at the Top: The justified national outrage and ridicule isn’t because an MP had a momentary case of “stuttering.” Rather, her incident only shed light on the constant systemic pattern of ridiculous utterances by various members of this FNM Administration. The following is a just a partial list of their blatant stupidity and ineptness on public display: 

“A is a, b is b, 1, 2 3” – Hubert Minnis 

“My wife is an indigenous Bahamian woman.  Don’t mix me up. I am not a soft powder puff man.” – Halson Moultrie

“[Rape] is an issue that is private.” – Lanisha Rolle 

“[My father said] I will analyse the consequences that would have caused your husband to probably shake you, slap you or punch you in your mouth… So in this honourable House it’s no exception from a marriage relationship if you as a woman want to come up in your husband’s face and behave like you are a man, my father said then you will get manhandled” – Miriam Emmanuel 

“7 mill..700…7 million, 40…7…747…700,000,000…7.4…7 million plus million.” Miriam Emmanuel 

(on his plan to lower the high cost of electricity in the Bahamas) “You put a tub in the sun and let the sun heat that up a bit and then you count down 1, 2, 3 and then you dunk yourself off….and in the winter season, if the water was cold, you’ll see the real Cowboy  come out. So let’s take shorter showers.” – Iram Lewis 

(when asked to respond to the death of a young lady) “I am a politician. I am not a technical man.Let me go for lunch.” – Hubert Minnis 

(when asked about fulfilling his constitutional duty of appointing a Chief Justice) “Only thing I plan on doing right now is getting home and go do my stew fish.” – Hubert Minnis  

“We are rocking with doc to get the sissy spirit out of government.” Senator Jasmin Dareus 

(when asked about potential national industrial unrest) ““I am more worried right now and concerned [about] whether the Saxons are going to win Junkanoo Christmas. That’s what I’m gearing up for.” Hubert Minnis 

“Make up with the boyfriend or girlfriend, get married. That’s how you will get a home.” – Dionisio D’Aguilar