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There is this cleavage in the country between those who want us all to sing kumbaya and those who want us to speak up when we see something going wrong.  At the moment the former group has the advantage but they are wrong and if we keep silent while this mess continues, the country will sink further into the muck and the mire.

The present Leaders of the Free National Movement, from the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis right on down to the foot soldiers are the most incompetent, self-serving, deceitful and useless leaders this country has ever had.  They are monumental f ups and there is nothing redeeming about them. No sensible political party who opposes these people should , can and ought to be silent in the face of this incompetence.

They campaigned against National Health Insurance. This is just one example of their perfidy. They  did so not because there was anything wrong with National Health Insurance but largely to protect their commercial backers in the insurance industry.  The National Health Insurance programme led by Dr. Michael Darville, now senator, had the plan to upgrade all the health facilities in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. The FNM came to power with that plan being executed. As soon as the FNM came to power, the Minister of Dr. Duane Sands announced the end of that programme.  Yes the same Dr. Duane Sands who even some PLPs are saying has stepped up to the plate in this present mess.

If the National Health Insurance programme had been left in place, the health facilities in the islands would have been first rate and able to cope with any emergency the country had. The situation in Bimini is but one example where someone lost their life because the FNM opposed National Health Insurance. The family is FNM and that family lost a loved one because of the FNM’s selfishness.

The FNM was told that  the special units to transport people in a bubble by air were ordered and in storage  The PLP ordered them during the Ebola crisis. The FNM denied it and refused to look.  They were also told there were digital thermometers ordered and in storage during the Ebola crisis.  The PLP insisted that they look. When they look they found everything right there but not in time to save the lady in Bimini.

So please let’s not get soft on these FNM people. They are good at self-congratulations.  They are good at patting themselves on the back while seeming to settle crises which they themslevs created. That is the reality today and we oppose the FNM more than ever. They must be removed from office.

Number of hits for the week ending Saturday, 11th April, up to midnight:  281,872;
Number of hits for the month of April up to Saturday, 11th April,  up to midnight:  374,912;
Number of hits for the year 2020 up to Saturday, 11th April,  up to midnight:  3,000,875.