It’s da people’s fault! Dear Editor, From the start of their present term, there has been a pattern of the Free National Movement (FNM) blaming both their critics and even the public itself for the consequences of their own incompetence and downright stupidity. This has often been tinged with a cavalier and condescending attitude toward […]

Andrew Allen Writes In Answer To Laying Off The Public Servants

26 May 2020 Dear Editor, According to the Tribune of May 19, 2020, a group calling itself the Organisation for Responsible Governance (ORG) apparently sees it as quite responsible that a country that runs itself on revenues representing a mere 18 percent of Gross Domestic Product (among the lowest on the planet) and that derives […]

Andrew Allen Tells PLPs Don’t Adopt The FNM’s Narrative

Dear Editor, It is sad when intelligent PLPs like Alfred Sears and Khaalis Rolle find themselves seemingly singing from the FNM’s dreadful hymn book on fiscal and investment policy – a chorus that has brought this country untold harm. While any sensible observer must agree with Rolle that the COVID-19 crisis underlines the need for […]

Andrew Allen Delivers A Body Blow To The FNM

EDITOR, The Tribune. IT would be easy to laugh off the inane and senseless statements emanating from the FNM government (generally in defence of equally inane and senseless actions) were they not so apparently committed to actions that will, at the least, be a distraction from the real issues of governance and, at most, cause […]

Andrew Allen, The Lawyer, Rips Hubert Minnis Apart

( Contributed to The Tribune) HUBERT MINNIS by ANDREW ALLEN (son of Sir William Allen) By ANDREW ALLEN # 1 That awful slogan in a country where basic grammar and literacy are in such short supply, there is nothing cute, charming or amusing about the elevation of rank inarticulacy into the lexicon of a major […]

Andrew Allen On Hubert Minnis

No doubt putting himself in the category of thinking FNMs, Andrew Allen, the Tribune columnist wrote this about the leader of the FNM on 17 November in The Nassau Guardian: Thinking FNMs will be horrified by the untenable and frankly absurd position that Minnis’ latest ruse has left the party in.  Having presented evidence of apparent […]

Kelly Burrows Takes Issue With Algernon Allen

Dear. Editor I would strongly recommend that Algernon Allen, who is supposed to be a lettered man, watching his futile attempt yesterday. In trying to make wrong, right, to read, and digest, this morning’s Guardian Editorial, Forget about the perks, take off the blinders, and put the suffering Bahamian populace, that you and your sidekick claimed to care so […]


( reprinted in The Nassau Guardian)   The Editor   It sometimes seems that whenever members of the younger breed of Bahamian politicians open their mouths, cialis prescription they expose of vast and depressing contrast between the trappings of youth and progressivism that the present and the reality of their in the thoughts. In the […]


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