The Prime Minister of Barbados Mia Mottley led the Cabinet in procession to the cemetery to bury the 14 year occupant of the office of Prime Minister of Barbados Owen Arthur  He lived a remarkable life from a  poor boy born to a single mother to the top of the heap. Rest in peace.  He […]

Stephen Burrows, Bahamian Sculptor, Is Buried

On 2nd October 2013 this photo and caption appeared: Grand Bahama Shipyard Helps to Restore Iconic Nassau Conch.  Toby Smith, while helping his daughter with a project decided to restore sculptures made by Stephen Burrows, including the iconic conch which was created in 1980, and was displayed on the roundabout near the Nassau International Airport. […]

Ezra Hepburn Is Buried At St Agnes | Glenys Hanna Martin Says Thank You

We said farewell to Ezra Hepburn of the band Ezra and the Polka Dots who used to be the king of the Banana Boat night club of the 1960s and 1970s. His service took place at the St Agnes Church in Nassau on 30 June.  Here is what MP Glenys Hanna Martin had to say […]


Photos by Peter Ramsay of the Bahamas Information Services The former Minister, Senator and MP Theresa Moxey was buried at Lakeview Cemetery following an official funeral at St Agnes Church in Grants Town on 6 April 2018.  Attending the funeral were the Governor General Dame Marguerite Pindling, Prime Minister Hubert Minnis and Members of the […]

Fletcher Macintosh Buried

Leader of The Opposition Philip Davis with former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham at Christ the King Church in Freeport for the funeral of building contractor Fletcher Macintosh on 26 August. Photo taken by Brian Seymour.  Hubert Ingraham, Philip “Brave” Davis,  and Dr. Ronnie Knowles. August 26, 2017, people from all walks of life gathered at the […]

We Buried Our friend And Colleague Sidney Logan

The place was St Anselm’s Catholic Church in Fox Hill. The Fox Hill Branch with the MP Fred Mitchell turned out in full force. The ritual, a funeral for our fallen brother Sidney Logan. He was the strength of the PLP Branch in Fox Hill. He was committed to our cause.  A fine young man.  […]

Peter Turnquest’s Father Geron Is Buried In Freeport

He was a lifelong educator and a former head of the Bahamas Vocational Technical College.  When he died in Freeport, drugstore he was far from Long Island from which he had come population if – tionship between physicians’prediction ’ring must be removed within 30 minutes of• physical decay.the medical literature: XIX. Applying clinical trial cialis […]