Farewell To Our Friend Kensell Burrows | 28 August 2020

Kensell Burrows was a PLP general in Garden View, part of the Fox Hill Constituency.  He was a community leader.  He had an infectious personality and excellent leadership skills. Sat he age of 40 he died suddenly in the An& E at Princess Margaret Hospital. He had reported there for shortness of breath.  It appears […]

Our columnist Kelly Burrows was not happy at all about the treatment received at a private health care facility in Grand Bahama | 17 June 2020

Our columnist Keely Burrows was not happy at all about the treatment received at a private health care facility in Freeport, Grand Bahama.  Here is what he writes after his visit there: After pondering an experience I went through this morning, I feel the need to share how I was physically attacked by a psychopathic […]

Kudos To Columnist Kelly Burrows From The Master Motivator

Today, we pause to honor and celebrate a simply outstanding Bahamian Hotelier, Kelly Burrows, in our “Profiles in Excellence Series” . Kelly as he is affectionately called, is from the old school where commitment, integrity, and hard work was the Hallmark. I first met Kelly at the Princess Hotel & Casino in Freeport where he […]

Derek Handfield Memorialized By Kelly Burrows

From Kelly Burrows a friend as was this columnist of a fine man who died too soon. He was ambitious and determined to make it from the bowels of Hawksbill to success as a Freeport businessman and then in the Turks and Caicos Islands.  God bless him as he goes on his way. Mr. Burrows […]

Stephen Burrows, Bahamian Sculptor, Is Buried

On 2nd October 2013 this photo and caption appeared: Grand Bahama Shipyard Helps to Restore Iconic Nassau Conch.  Toby Smith, while helping his daughter with a project decided to restore sculptures made by Stephen Burrows, including the iconic conch which was created in 1980, and was displayed on the roundabout near the Nassau International Airport. […]

Congratulations To Andrew Burrows

(Mr. Burrows complained that ZNS refused acknowledge his accomplishment) This morning, I was informed that my program “Irma From the Inside” received “Recognition by Special Mention” in the category of Best Documentary in the 2017 Caribbean Broadcast Union Awards. Basically, it means I made the second best documentary of 2017 in all of the countries […]

Andrew J. Burrows: A Lesson In Racism In Trump’s USA

  (Editor’s Note: Today we publish a story about the U S Embassy in The Bahamas giving money to The Bahamas, it says to fight corruption. This from a country where corruption is endemic and chronic and now at the very top levels of its government.  In the comment, we made the point of the […]

Kelly Burrows is pretty peeved about how MPs dress in the House of Assembly

Dear  Editor. “A letter to the speaker!!!”   Sir. I find it incumbent to appeal to you to please bring back some decorum of respect to the Honourable House Of Assembly. Observing what is happening today is unheard of in past years under former Speakers. The standards as we once knew It to be have […]

Travis Robinson Dresses Just For Kelly Burrows

Kelly Burrows who contributes from time to time to this column is usually quite exercised over the choices of clothing by these new men of power in the Free National Movement. They seem to have a penchant for wearing light coloured suits which are not according to Mr. Burrows and everything that we see, the […]

Kelly Burrows Writes From Freeport On Public Attire

Dear. Editor! Firstly, I’m not professing to be an authority on proper attire and when? but, my Hospitality training over the last 50 years still holds firm today, and having been told on many occasions with the numerous amount of seminars, courses, I have attended throughout the United States, becoming a Certified Hospitality Trainer from […]

Andrew Burrows to be Moved From His Post At ZNS By The FNM

We have learned since the story on Diana Swann was uploaded that Director of the News Andrew Burrows will stripped of his post and made Director of Special Projects. Former News Director Beverly Curry will been given the job of Assistant General Manager for News. This follows a review of all contracts by the FNM […]

Kelly Burrows Has A Third Great Grand

Some time writer to this column and civic activist Kelly Burrows is the proud great grandfather of his third great grand. The parents are Richard and Sharell Bain. The child Richard Thomas IV was born this morning at 8:06 at the Plantation Medical Centre weighing 6.8 pounds. Mother and baby are well. Congratulations.


Dear. Editor   Watching this evening’s 7.00 pm newscast on ZNS. 07/11/2016. It mystified me to see the obesity that exist of so called leaders in our country who want to lead us. When they themselves don’t contribute to a healthy life style from their appearance, including some Government officials, who won’t be around, if […]


Dear. Editor.  Today, Sunday 27/11/2016 is the first Sunday in Advent/ Commitment Sunday, that begins a new year in the Anglican Lectionary cycle, launching a new year for us Anglicans. Here in the Northern Bahamas Archdeaconry comprising all Parishes in Abaco, Bimini & Grand Bahama. An act ofRecommitment service was held this afternoon at 5.00, […]


Dear Editor  Can someone explain to me the reason for the treatment of. Monique Gomez the President of the women’s association of the FNM, who was denied the nomination for the South Beach Constituency, after working assiduously in the area non-stop from the last election to be treated with such disdain. Mr. Howard “Bambozzle” Johnson […]

Nicole Burrows Corrupt Article In The Tribune

The Tribune has become a complete propaganda rag through its columnists.  There is a young woman Nicole Burrows who writes a weekly column on  Tuesdays.  This past week 10 November, sales she wrote on corruption in The Bahamas which she said was the life of The Bahamas and pinned it to the Commission of Inquiry […]

Kelly Burrows Returns To The Theme On The Standards Of Dressing

  Have standards gone out of the door, with some of our so called leaders, or simply they don’t know any better? who is to passed the mantle down to our young people? I’m so happy to have been given the opportunity in being exposed to what is proper etiquette and general protocol of life […]


Mr. Editor.   It saddens me today when our so called Leaders continue to show their ignorance to proper decorum. Watching the 6.30 PM, newscast. Friday evening. There’s the Minister for Grand Bahama, getting ready to inspect the Guard of Honor at the Independence Park Rally, with his coat open up. Do these people know any better? God help us!!!  […]