Lynden Pindling Centre Sanitized

Statement from the Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party On the Covid 19 Procedures For Immediate Release 19 August 2020 The sanitization of the PLP’s office at Gambier House, the Lynden Pindling Centre, is done. Staff can resume normal working hours. I wish to thank the party’s Treasurer Paul Bevans and Secretary General Barbara Cartwright […]

Leader’s Press Conference Wednesday 3 June 2020 Gambier House in the Lynden Pindling Centre

Leader supports the Black Lives Matter Movement in the United States Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen, members of the Press, and those joining us via Social Media. I want to recognize the recent loss of two nation-builders and trailblazers who were giants in their respective fields – the late Patrick Bethel, an educator, author and a gentleman and Paul Eric Hanna, a […]

The Fox Hill Community Centre Under Threat From The FNM

Statement from Senator Fred Mitchell Former MP for Fox Hill 19 December 2018 On The Fox Hill Community Centre For Immediate Release In yesterday’s press ( 18 December 2018), I read statements by the Minister of National Security Marvin Dames that essentially trashed the people who work at the Fox Hill Community Centre and trashed […]

Mitchell On The Community Centre

The following statement was issued by Senator Fred Mitchell on Thursday 23 November about the Fox Hill Community Centre: Statement by Senator Fred Mitchell Caretaker for the Fox Hill Constituency for the PLP For Immediate Release On The Fox Hill Community Centre 23 November 2017 I want to let the public know that seven months […]

The Fox Hill Community Centre

The Government of The Bahamas has reneged on its commitment to support the Fox Hill Community Centre.  They have not paid the staff and they have allowed the power to be disconnected imperilling the safety of the pool and the building’s integrity.  The Building is an estimated 2 million dollar structure completed earlier this year […]


1 April 2017 Dame Marguerite Pindlng, the Governor General, cuts the ribbon to the Fox Hill Community Centre while Mrs. Betty Mackey, wife of the late Georeg Mackey assists.  1 April The Governor General Dame Marguerite Pindling looks on with other VIP guests at the opening of the Fox Hill Community Centre 1 April. Prime […]

Picewell Forbes Opens Cancer Care Centre In Central Andros

Congratulations to the MP for Central and South Andros Picewell Forbes who joined his constituents to officially open the Central Andros Cancer Society Care Centre in Love Hill on 4th December.  The president of the local chapter is Elizabeth Hanna.  Joining them were Doris Adderley former educator and Fr. Neil Nairn of St. Stephen’s Anglican parish in Andros.


Hope Strachan, Minister of Financial Services, has announced that plans for the establishment of an international commercial arbitration centre are well under way. “We believe that establishing The Bahamas as a major international arbitration hub, will not only complement our legal profession, but also our financial services, maritime services, foreign direct investment projects, and internal […]


The Fox Hill Festival Committee got a helping hand on Friday when the Chinese Embassy made a donation to assist in defraying the cost of various committee projects for the further development of the Fox Hill community (Hyperglycemia, Hyper-ointments and potions of not-too-old memory.risk of developing DE 30% higher compared to the sog – mencompared […]

Children And Their Mothers In The Detention Centre

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