They say that outgoing Commodore of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force Tellis Bethel feels hard done by because he has been pushed out of his job as the top man at RBDF and replaced by a new man.  Not many tears were shed for him by the men who thought that he was not effective […]


Minister of National Security Marvin Dames, Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham, Governor General Sir C.A. Smith and Commodore Raymond King in file photo. The new Commodore started out with a band after his induction on Wednesday 21 May 2020 by announcing the promotions for the Force.  Happy days are here again. The issue is whether the […]

Julian Believe Explains How Junkanoo Must Change

HISTORIC MOMENT: For 3 years @thecelebrityartist and I petitioned to be apart of a shift that could potentially create a platform for other creatives in the 🇧🇸. I was glutted with attending the Parade and witnessing persons falling asleep or the energy of the entire parade die as we Patrons along with the tourist waited […]

Statement by The Hon. Perry G. Christie at United Nations Climate Summit 23 September 2014

The Hon. Perry G. Christie Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas United Nations Climate Summit 23 September 2014 I wish to begin by congratulating the Secretary-General on his laudable initiative, and I welcome the opportunity to address World Leaders at this Climate Summit on matters of crucial importance to […]

PLP Town Meeting On Constitutional Change

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