EDITOR: Don’t believe for a minute the government’s transparent gimmick about now beginning to make the wealthy pay their fair share of the country’s tax burden. Rather than introducing a broadly progressive tax regime (or even significantly addressing the presently highly regressive one) what the FNM is actually proposing is a mix of discretionary gimmicks […]

Fred Smith’s Statement of Claim On Cubans

According to the Nassau Guardian, Fred Smith has filed a Statement of Claim in the Supreme Court claiming various heads of damages against the Government for some Cuban detainees who having been released found their way back into the United States.  These allegations should be contested vigorously by the Bahamas government.  Fred Smith, as we […]

Bran McCartney Replies To Rent A Crowd Claim

Last week, best viagra check Fred Mitchell MP attacked Branville McCartney for what he called renting a crowd to mount a demo in Rawson Square when Parliament met to protest government policy.  Mr. McCartney was furious and in his press release took the first five paragraphs to abuse Mr. Mitchell telling him that he should […]