PLP Says FNM Is Sorry And Corrupt

From The Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party Responding To The FNM’s Angry Rant Against The PLP For Immediate Release 16 October 2018 What a tired bunch of hacks the FNM are. Seventeen months into their term with social collapse all around them, with the economy in shambles, with the environment in a mess and […]

The PLP’s Statement On Corrupt Lease For New Post Office

From The Chairman of The PLP On The Resolution to Lease Premises from Brent Symonette For Immediate Release 17 October 2018 The Government now proposes to feather the nest of the Minister for Immigration with the proposed lease for five years of the Town Centre Mall for temporary quarters for the Post Office. What a […]

Nicole Burrows Corrupt Article In The Tribune

The Tribune has become a complete propaganda rag through its columnists.  There is a young woman Nicole Burrows who writes a weekly column on  Tuesdays.  This past week 10 November, sales she wrote on corruption in The Bahamas which she said was the life of The Bahamas and pinned it to the Commission of Inquiry […]