Sharon Turner On Mistreatment Of Bahamians In The Covid 19 Crisis

According To Me: Sharon T. As a Bahamian, I am tired of government politicians and officials blaming the Bahamian people for an uptick in COVID-19 cases everybody with sense knew to expect when borders reopened to travel from hot spots. Who do folk think is responsible for keeping the spread of COVID-19 at bay before […]


In any other civilized country, Duane Sands would have been sacked by now if he did not have the decency to resign.  He should not be the Minister of Health or  in the Cabinet, having regard to his conduct, judicially condemned in the Frank Smith case.  But he is still there trying to redeem himself […]

Central Bank Not Being Aggressive Enough In The Covid Crisis

We think that the Minister of Finance Peter Turnquest is lost in the midst of this crisis.  We think that the Central Bank is not being aggressive enough, much too passive.  We asked for advice on the subject and here is the advice we got Suggestions: A limited fiscal response to COVID 19 would not […]