The PLP has to start looking at all sorts of scenarios as the countdown gets on toward the General Election.  One of the little noticed orders of the Government was the postponing of the local government elections.  It was very serious the drafting.  It said that the elections were postponed until the end of the […]

Remembering The Dead in Fox Hill 27 December 2018

The community gathered at the behest of the Congoes Junkanoo group to commemorate the slain four Senator Fred Mitchell sent this message   27 December 2018 Freedom Park Thank you to the Original Congoes for holding this memorial service and asking me to speak. I am sorry I am unable to be with you in […]

Why Navarro Saunders Is Dead Quiet

You may remember that Navarro Saunders, the FNM ideologue, who campaigned to vigorously defeat the PLP in Grand Bahama, was on the warpath for a minute there in Freeport against the FNM accusing them of delaying their satisfaction of FNM supporters…  Then suddenly the voice fell silent.  He is ow working at the Department of […]

Freeport Dead In The Day And In The Night

The straw vendor said she talked to the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis when he came to Freeport on his walkabout at Port Lucaya.  She explained what she explained to this correspondent about her day.  The day she spoke on Friday 3rd November, she had been sitting there all day from morning and had not made […]

Bahamar Rises From The Dead

The man who headed the Bahamar project and could not bring it to completion was in the press last week. Incredible! He was incensed says The Tribune that developers of The Pointe next to the British Colonial Hilton was boasting that they will finish the project, purchase that there was no shortage of money, and […]

Kevin Evans Tries To Defend The Dead Tribune

Last week, we in this column were unabashedly shouting through the rafters at the fact that the Saturday Tribune called the Big T was a big fat failure.  We predicted that The Tribune and The Nassau Guardian would soon be dinosaurs.   Kevin Evans, a letter writer to the Nassau Guardian, who supports the FNM, didn’t […]

A Policeman Shot Dead

Thursday night 4th December two shots rang out at a man sitting in a vehicle on Montrose Avenue in Nassau across the street from St. George’s Anglican Church.  It was about 8:30 p.m.  The man’s girlfriend was in the car.  Turns out that the man was an off duty policeman Sgt. Wayne Rolle from the Criminal […]

Baby Doc Dead In Haiti

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