Despite the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis speaking in the House of Assembly to say that they are opening up the country, Eleuthera, Exuma, San Salvador and the Berry Islands where there are no cases of Covid 19 remain close.  It is clear that this is some sort of collective punishment for these people. This is […]

Questions To Disney And The MP South Eleuthera

Disney went to press in The Bahamas on Frida 19th October and laid it all out to the public and the government, make your decision by today about our project in South Eleuthera or else.  They said there was no alternative proposal and they had waited long enough and so the idea of the One […]

Chairman Speaking In South Eleuthera

Senator Fred Mitchell in Tarpum Bay saying thank you to outgoing treasurer Johnny Butler of the Central and South Eleuthera Branch of the PLP 24 September. Listen to Senator Mitchell’s address to the Branch delivered on 24 September. The running time is 50 minutes.


REMARKS BY BRADLEY ROBERTS NATIONAL CHAIRMAN PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL PARTY AN ALL ELEUTHERA CONSTITUENCY MEETING HATCHET BAY, ELEUTHERA 24TH MARCH 2017 Party, Leader and Prime Minister; Deputy Leader and Deputy Prime Minister; Parliamentarians; Candidates; Stalwart Councilors, Party Officers, members and supporters, a pleasant good evening. It’s always a great joy to be here in Eleuthera the […]

The Case Of The Eleuthera Dental Clinic

Pop singer Lenny Kravitz The statement below was issued by the Minister for Immigration Fred Mitchell after a ruckus in North Eleuthera about a dental clinic that was operating under the sponsorship of Lenny Kravitz who is an American pop singer and has Bahamian ancestry and a home in Eleuthera.  While well intentioned, the dentists did […]