Julian Believe Explains How Junkanoo Must Change

HISTORIC MOMENT: For 3 years @thecelebrityartist and I petitioned to be apart of a shift that could potentially create a platform for other creatives in the 🇧🇸. I was glutted with attending the Parade and witnessing persons falling asleep or the energy of the entire parade die as we Patrons along with the tourist waited […]

Damien Explains Why He left

Damien Gomez, the Minister of State for Legal Affairs, is in the last days of his time as a Minister of the government.  He has had a lot to say about his departure since the initial cryptic statement about it.  There was a considerable confusion about why he was leaving.  There was the suggestion that he was leaving […]

Damien Gomez Explains

   Statement by the Hon. Damien Gomez  (via the Bahamas Information Services) The “ethical” concerns to which I referred in my interview with the Nassau Guardian do not relate to any impropriety on the part of any of my Cabinet or parliamentary colleagues. Any suspicion that that is what I was insinuating or implying would […]

Obie Wilchcombe Explains

With the public campaign attacking him every week since remarks made about the Bahamar hotel project which appeared to differ from the cabinet consensus, Obie Wilchcombe, the Tourism Minister spoke to the Nassau Guardian and said the following in his own words to the Nassau Guardian on 8th September: When did I ever go against […]

Mike Darville Explains Customs Exemptions

This fiscal year has brought in changes in the customs regulations for East and West Grand Bahama.  PLP candidates had campaigned in the last election on a customs relief programme to help the residents of West and East Grand Bahama to have the same or similar privileges as the people of Freeport.  The regulations have […]