Picewell Forbes, Glenys Hanna Martin. Philip Brave Davis and Chester Cooper behind Mrs. Martin. Nominations assured. ( Tribune photo) The Progressive Liberal Party issued the following statement about candidates in the next general election: From The Chairman of the PLP: Over the next 12 months there will be increasing numbers of PLPs in the field […]

The FNM’s Poor Housing Programme

From Picewell Forbes Shadow Housing Minister On FNM Housing Programme For Immediate Release 29 August 2018   The picture of a Prime Minister and his Minister of Housing laying a plaque to promote the sale of a mere ten lots shows how desperate this government is for good news.  Unfortunately there is no good news […]

Picewell Forbes MP On FNM’s Stupid Decision On The IAAF Relays

Picewell Forbes MP Shadow Sports Minister   The Bahamas Government issued a statement on Saturday 7 July confirming the stupidity of their decision to cancel the IAAF relays for 2019.  The Jamaican Government, a country, in far worse shape than The Bahamas decided to take up the relays.  The Bahamas Government pleaded that they didn’t […]

Much Ado About Nothing On Picewell Forbes

The Nassau Guardian is really an idle newspaper and the Bahamian people just as idle behind them. They published as a major headline a story that said that Picewell Forbes MP wanted special privileges for MPs before their power is turned off for non-payment. The general point was that the principle should be a courtesy […]

Picewell Forbes Joins His Constituents For Christmas

    The three photos were taken at the annual Christmas Programme for the Central Andros High School Christmas Party.  Shown are the children performing  while Apostle Dorinda Dean, MP Picewell Forbes District Superintendent  of Education  Emily Miller and Principal Wanda Dean in Love Hill, Andros on Friday 11 December.

Picewell Forbes Opens Cancer Care Centre In Central Andros

Congratulations to the MP for Central and South Andros Picewell Forbes who joined his constituents to officially open the Central Andros Cancer Society Care Centre in Love Hill on 4th December.  The president of the local chapter is Elizabeth Hanna.  Joining them were Doris Adderley former educator and Fr. Neil Nairn of St. Stephen’s Anglican parish in Andros.