The following statement was issued by the Leader of the Opposition on the corona virus that is causing havoc across world markets.  Bahamians were panicking on Friday 28th February 2020 when they learned that a ship that was carrying a suspect virus carrier that had been earlier turned away from Jamaica, the Cayman and Mexico […]

The Frank Smith Case

  Well you are not surprised to know that the Government’s case against former Senator Frank Smith has been adjourned to a date in September.  The Government is dragging this matter out.  It appears from the evidence so far that the Crown’s lawyers should drop the prosecution.  Three things came out in the evidence this […]

Prosecutorial Misconduct Alleged In Frank Smith Case

The case of the Government against former PLP Senator Frank Smith is becoming more and more of a joke in the eyes of the public.  This is now more so than ever given the allegations of prosecutorial misconduct made by his Attorney K D Knight in the Court on 28 February.  The star witness took […]


Carl Bethel has turned out to be a wuss… a weak Attorney General. He started off so well but his performance fell flat. First he made a grand stand about how the was independent and how he must be a minister for justice. He then said that there was nothing he saw so far that […]

Senator Frank Smith To Run For Chairman?

The Nassau Guardian ran a speculative story during the past week about a possible run by Senator Frank Smith the former MP  and now Chairman of the Public Hospitals Authority.  Senator Smith said for the record that he made no decision but was thinking about it.  His Uncle George Smith, ampoule the former Minister was […]

Frank Watson On Hubert Minnis, the Leader Of The FNM

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Frank Ocean Missing You

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