George And Setella Cox If you were born in the 1950s 1960s and 1970s, maybe even the 1980s, and a stranger asked you to name the Bahamian couple who epitomized panache, grace, class, quiet elegance, unobtrusive good sense, beauty and serenity, a good marriage, great professionals, a perfect family, you would think of Georgie and […]

George Wilson Pays Tribute To Bryan Wright

Fifty years ago…when I was 20, and Bryan was 22…the murder count in the Bahamas for two years was perhaps around 10.   We were not breaking into people’s homes at night while they were sleeping.  Residents of this “used to be” Paradise were able to take evening strolls down our dark streets…(we didn’t have too […]


Hon. George A. Smith, former MP and Minister These were the public thoughts from the former Local Government minister, Stalwart Councilor the PLP and former MP for Exuma.  They were in response to the announcement by PLP Leader Perry Christie that he intends to run again for office of Leader, that the Deputy Prime Minister […]

George Smith’s Take On The Boys

In The Nassau Guardian 17th June, he said: ( On Renward Wells MP) I think for a man who was promoted to be an Einstein, a supposedly brilliant fellow, his conduct with that letter of intent is the mark of an ignorant person.  No parliamentarian with an iota of experience would have signed a letter […]