The Fault Line Between Haitians And Bahamians

  This story appeared in The Tribune and shows the problem in this society which is unresolved but slowly building pressure: the fault line between Hattians and Bahamians. Back in 2014 shortly after the Government’s new immigration policy started, a Bahamian of Haitian ancestry threw down the gauntlet when he told the TV cameras that […]

The Haitians Drown Trying To Get To Nassau

The price of smuggling oneself in desperate poverty to The Bahamas from Haiti.  The world’s eye are on the Mediterranean.  No one seems to give a hoot about the small problem here in The Bahamas but the bodies continue to pile up.  They appear to be from an incursion last weekend.  Rumours said many didn’t […]


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Chipman Opposition FNM Shadow Foreign Ministers On Haitians

Hubert Chipman told the press in the Nassau Guardian following the visit of the Haitian President to the Opposition on Tuesday 29th July that the FNM agreed that the children born to Haitians in the Bahamas should be naturalized G. P. Beltramello1, V. Manicardi2, R. Trevisan3satisfactory, with a gradual but constantprocess is to assume a […]