The Governor General Sir C A Smith announced the award of national honours on 10 July 2020 as follows: His Excellency, the Governor-General as Chancellor of the Societies of Honour established under the National Honours Act 2016, in accordance with the advice of the Prime Minister, and the National Advisory Committee is pleased to announce […]

Brian Seymour Writes On National Hero Choices By The FNM

Our Moses Sir Lynden Pindling   Sir Roland Symonette Pharaoh Why should the emancipated apologize for being set free?  51years after the attainment of majority rule, and 45 years of Independence; it is folly to honour your racist oppressor, and liberator, on the same day, with the same and equal honours. It renders the honour […]

The Hero Syndrome By Delroy Meadows

The Hero Syndrome By Delroy Meadows 10th May 2017 has taught many of us that you can never truly predict the future. Dr. Hubert Minnis is now Prime Minister of The Bahamas. For a man who just six months prior to the election had been voted out as Leader of the Official Opposition in Parliament on […]