How things change in twenty four hours.  Hubert Ingraham launched a full scale war on his own side and on his protégé Hubert Minnis.  He told the press last week and his favourite woman in the press Candia Dames that he was against buying the Grand Lucayan Hotel, buy the Grand Bahama Port Authority instead.  […]


There is no doubt that when the FNM loses this election campaign Hubert Ingraham should take the main blame for the loss.  The Red Dragon from Abaco came roaring back to the stage but at the invitation of the hapless Dr. Hubert Minnis who because he was gaining no traction on the national stage sought […]

Ingraham Crawls Out From Under The Rock

Tribune file photo.  Hubert Ingraham turned up to register to vote last week on 1 February.  He came with the press who asked him his thoughts on the FNM and the General election.  Here is what he said in is own words: “In my opinion the FNM needs to give focused attention to resolving the […]


The Michael Pintard we  know wouldn’t stand for it.  Never mind that he has  the face of  an angel.  What you have is a terror in nice clothes there. In a political sense there.  So we wonder if Frank Watson, the eminence grise of the FNM, actually knows what he is messing with.  Mr. Watson […]

Hubert Ingraham Has Gat To Be Joking

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Hubert Ingraham used the viewing of the late former Senator Lawrence Glinton to ambush Perry Christie the Prime Minister on the Ryan Pinder resignation.  It was a full frontal assault, viagra which goes to show that whispering niceties to Hubert Ingraham in Olives pays nothing but grief to those who engage in it.  Mr. Ingraham […]


The letter published below appeared on Facebook via Bahamasmabey.  The letter responds to a female caller on the radio on  who accused him of interfering with the police.  He says he didn’t but read the letter of Alex La Roda and you be the judge.   I have been told that a female caller to […]

Ingraham Converts To Roman Catholicism Last Sunday

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Ingraham Agrees To Come Back

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Ingraham Appears In Fox Hill

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What Ingraham had to say?

The scene was Government House on the evening of the departure of Sir Arthur Foulkes as Governor General. Hubert Ingraham the former Prime Minister walks up to Fred Mitchell, viagra canada viagra the Minister of Foreign Affairs and says the following: “Mitchell, your fucking budget debate is not going to stop from coming back. I […]