PLP Leader Questions Jeffery Lloyd

Questions Appearance of the Minister of Education Out Of Quarantine  For Immediate  Release  15 August  2020 Some public explanation is required from the Prime Minister, the so called Competent Authority, for the apparent appearance at a food store this morning by the Minister of Education in the official car accompanied by his wife. Can the […]

Statement by Jeff Lloyd

My Fellow Bahamians, Friends: It lays heavy on my heart to tell you that we are a nation in crisis, and – on every measure – whether internal or external – we are in decline. We have developed a politics in which nothing done by the party in office is open to criticism or is […]


The process by which the National Insurance Board (NIB) engaged the services of Holiday Industrial  Builders International Limited for the construction of the building located to the West of the Paul L.  Adderley Building (“the Replica Building”) on J.F. K. drive is set out below. The procedure is  consistent with the framework in place at […]