Deaths In Long Island By Murder

The following statement is from the Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party: On The Homicides In Long Island For Immediate Release 29 February 2020 We are deeply saddened and disturbed by the news of the two deaths by apparent homicide in Long Island. Our sympathies go out to the families of the deceased and to […]

A Tribute To Sir Henry In Long Island

11 July 2018, the Chairman of the PLP Senator Fred Mitchell led a special service to commemorate the life and times of Sir Henry Taylor, co-founder of the PLP with the late William Cartwright and Cyril Stevenson. Sir Henry served as Chairman of the PLP from 1953 to 1963 and as Chairman Emeritus after that.  […]


Jerome Fitzgerald’s soldiers on the ground. FNM Rally in Long Island on 10 February The House of Assembly on Wednesday 15 February met to debate the boundary changes that will take place for the election 2017. The election will be held sometime between the 1 May and the end of June.  It is time for […]


The following was posted on the Facebook page of Gladstone Thurston, who is a former Tribune writer and former employee of the Bahamas Information Services.  He is bitterly anti PLP but the letter gives a perspective on where the FNM is right now: SETTING LONG ISLANDERS UP FOR THE SWING Every time I observe the […]

Long Island Gets Water No Thanks To Loretta Butler Turner

The people of Long Island have been suffering for some time from of all things the lack of a water truck owned by the Water and Sewerage Corporation.  That water truck carried fresh water to areas not served by the reverse osmosis plant in Deadman’s Cay, viagra canada viagra the islands main settlement.  The people […]