The Back And Forth Between McCartney and Butler

Hubert Minnis, the Leader of the FNM, says that there might still be a chance for FNM unity but he told the Guardian on Saturday 11 February that he is concentrating on winning the next election.  In that enterprise, he went down to Long Island last week to introduce Adrian Gibson his candidate to the […]


Last week we reported that he told the Guardian that the PLP’s worst nightmare would be a coalition between the DNA and the FNM.  But this week he is cussing the FNM like a drunken sailor.  The things we do for love. Mr. McCartney had plenty of cussing out for others. He also had choice words for […]

Juan McCartney Guardian Journalist On Fred Smith Q C’s Comment ( as quoted by Oswald Brown)

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Bran McCartney Replies To Rent A Crowd Claim

Last week, best viagra check Fred Mitchell MP attacked Branville McCartney for what he called renting a crowd to mount a demo in Rawson Square when Parliament met to protest government policy.  Mr. McCartney was furious and in his press release took the first five paragraphs to abuse Mr. Mitchell telling him that he should […]

Branville McCartney Is Lost In Space

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Branville McCartney who leads the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) is making himself look more marginal and foolish as the days go by.  He is now reduced to seeking hysterical headlines to sell newspapers for Eileen Carron and Candia Dames.  The latest foray into the press was his claiming that the amendments to the constitution that […]


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