Senator Fred Mitchell Responds To The FNM Attack On Chester Cooper

For Immediate  Release  27 August 2020 After reading the Deputy Prime Minister’s statement  responding to the Deputy Leader of the PLP’s demand that the Treasury Committee of the House should meet and act, we in the PLP can only say Peter Turnquest is the proverbial ostrich with his head in the sand. Mr. Turnquest missed […]

Senator Fred Mitchell Speaks Opposing The Extension Of The Emergency

The cut and thrust of the PLP opposing the extension of the emergency proclamation on Friday 24 July 2020 in the Senate. Senator Jamal Moss is put in his place… Senator Carl Bethel is put in his place… He condemns the Prime Minister for his off hand invitation to the Leader of The Opposition.  The […]


Senator Fred Mitchell speaks against the resolution to extend the proclamation of emergency and then tells the government not to tell him to sit down and shut up in the Senate 28 May 2020.  From 27 minutes and fifty seconds into the video, the true story of standing up for labour day not the lies […]

Mitchell answers FNM on death of Neko Grant Jr

Statement From The Chairman of The  Progressive Liberal Party Responding To Accusations From The Free National Movement On The Death Of Neko Gant Jr. 16 May 2020 The PLP takes note of a statement issued today in the name of the Free National Movement connecting the PLP with statements on social media  about the death of the son of […]


Statement From The Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party On The National Security Minister’s Comments On Police Wrongdoing For Immediate Release 14 May 2020 The PLP is not surprised by the pernicious indifference to prosecutorial misconduct in the views of National Security Minister Marvin Dames. In response to questions put to him by the broadcast […]

LILLA ANGELINA MITCHELL 24 DECEMBER 1922 – 4 MAY 1999 – From Fredmitchelluncensored.com 4 May 1999

Note from the PublisherLilla A. Mitchell, mother of this columnist ( Fred Mitchell) is dead.  She collapsed on Tuesday 4 May at 99 Collins Avenue, her home since 1953.  She is survived by her husband Frederick A. Mitchell Sr., her children including this columnist, Robert Ian, Marva and Mathew Mitchell and Carla Mitchell-Seymour.  She had […]

Senator Fred Mitchell: The Prime Minister Is The Incompetent Authority

We call him mockingly Minnis Rex or Minnis Imperator. However, the law calls him the competent authority buy by his actions he is now known as the Incompetent Authority. Senator Fred Mitchel spoke but it int is voice note and said that the emperor has no clothes.

Fred Mitchell Speaks In The Senate

Senator Fred Mitchell speaks in the Senate opposing the extension of the Public Health Emergency to 31st May 2020. The Opposition sought an amendment to 11 May 2020. Asks how could the Government allow the Speaker to throw the Leader of the Opposition out of the House on the 55th anniversary of Black Tuesday. 27 […]

Fred Mitchell Responds To FNM Political Attack

For Immediate Release 21 March 2020 Yesterday 20 March 2020, the Leader of the Opposition spoke by phone to the Prime Minister. In that exchange suggestions were offered by the Leader of the Opposition to the Prime Minister. There was a cordial but frank exchange of views on the Corona virus issues. The Prime Minister […]