Omar Davis Gets More Support From The Sunshine Group

Congratulations to the Sunshine Group and especially to Omar Davis, the 16 year older, who is headed to school at Central State University in Ohio as a public scholar.  Mr. Davis who is from Kemp Road moved the nation with his address on 22 June as he was presented with his four year award.  He […]

Omar Archer Reportedly Arrested

The jackass Omar Archer, the FNM ideologue and paid hireling has been arrested.  The report is that he was arrested in Nassau Village about 3 a. m. on Saturday 1 April without incident.  He had been running from the police since a wanted poster was issued on him by the police last week for a […]


The PLP’s leaders and other leaders appear to be flat footed when dealing with a person who is a menace to society.  His name and it doesn’t matter much for this purpose because there is always one around is Omar Archer.  He is a jackass.  That is kind.  That he is an idiot? That is […]

Omar Archer: The Musings Of A Natural Ass

Mr. Archer  claims that he has sacrificed much for the cause and the broken legs is the price he has to pay for the cause.   What cause?  He has none save the political lunacy in which he is engaged.  A stupid guy, bordering on politically insane, thinks he has a cause.  He said he was […]

Omar Archer Breaks His Legs

The web and PLP sites were all lit up with the news that in seeking to escape they say from the police, best viagra cheap Omar Archer Sr., the resident loony tune on the web, diagnosis either jumped or was pushed out a window of one of the Magistrate’s Courts and ended up breaking both […]


There was a comment posted on Facebook by a fellow who is simply the close friend of a lunatic and needs to go keep company in an insane asylum where presumably he will find good company. He is likely to find other friends cheering for him like Krissy Love, best viagra see cialis sale Steve […]