Picewell Forbes, Glenys Hanna Martin. Philip Brave Davis and Chester Cooper behind Mrs. Martin. Nominations assured. ( Tribune photo) The Progressive Liberal Party issued the following statement about candidates in the next general election: From The Chairman of the PLP: Over the next 12 months there will be increasing numbers of PLPs in the field […]

The FNM’s Poor Housing Programme

From Picewell Forbes Shadow Housing Minister On FNM Housing Programme For Immediate Release 29 August 2018   The picture of a Prime Minister and his Minister of Housing laying a plaque to promote the sale of a mere ten lots shows how desperate this government is for good news.  Unfortunately there is no good news […]

Picewell Forbes MP On FNM’s Stupid Decision On The IAAF Relays

Picewell Forbes MP Shadow Sports Minister   The Bahamas Government issued a statement on Saturday 7 July confirming the stupidity of their decision to cancel the IAAF relays for 2019.  The Jamaican Government, a country, in far worse shape than The Bahamas decided to take up the relays.  The Bahamas Government pleaded that they didn’t […]

Much Ado About Nothing On Picewell Forbes

The Nassau Guardian is really an idle newspaper and the Bahamian people just as idle behind them. They published as a major headline a story that said that Picewell Forbes MP wanted special privileges for MPs before their power is turned off for non-payment. The general point was that the principle should be a courtesy […]

Picewell At Immigration Conference

The Bahamas Delegation at the joint meeting of Caricom Committee of Ambassadors and Chief Immigration Officers held in Port of Spain Trinidad on 7 September.  The photo shows from left: Director of Immigration William Pratt, viagra Honorary Consul for The Bahamas in Trinidad Dr. E Monica Davis, Arlene Ambrose and High Commissioner to Caricom Picewell […]