Hank Johnson An FNM MP Gets Covid.. We Thought Only PLPs Got It

August 19, 2020 Today I received test results confirming I have COVID-19.  I am currently hospitalized in New Providence.  I thank the medical staff for their skilled and detailed care of me and all the Bahamians battling this illness.   Please keep me and all those in our country afflicted with COVID-19 in your prayers. 

The Extortionist Clock Man At Work To Sabotage The PLP’s Victory Chances

“ They call him the watchman, because he likes to watch man”— Henry Claude Last week the Progressive Liberal Party again put out a note warning its members about wolves in sheep’s clothing who disguise themselves on FB, Instagram and What’s App.  There are about five people led by someone who calls himself  after a […]


The PLP At Lakeview Memorial Cemetery to mark the 20th anniversary of the passing of Sir Randal Fawkes. Present were Leader Philip Davis, Chairman Fred Mitchell, Deputy Leader Chester Cooper and Secretary General Barbara Cartwright. The Fawkes Family was represented by his daughter Rosalie, sons Francis and David. The services were joined by Bernard Evans, […]

Congratulations To The PLP’s Leader For Supporting Black Lives Matter

Senator Fred Mitchell speaking with the press on Tuesday 2nd June 2020 said that the Government of The Bahamas has no foreign policy save whatever the United States says. The releases from The Bahamas Government on the crisis now unfolding in the United States with the murder of the black man by police in Minneapolis, […]


12 May 2020 The Progressive Liberal Party releases for general information the note sent by the party to the Minister of Foreign Affairs: Minister: I wish to copy you the excerpt from the statement of the Leader of the Opposition on Sunday 10 May 2020:“We also ask the Government to explain how the Consul General […]

The PLP’s TV Appearance Pushes Duane Over The Edge

Dr. Duane Sands was hanging on by a thread. The PLP needed one last thrust to push him over the edge. The party turned to its young warriors Justin Smith, Senator Jobeth Colby Davis and National Vice Chair Holly Barratt.  They did it.  Three appearances on Jones Communication and by night fall Dr. Sands was […]

Andrew Allen Tells PLPs Don’t Adopt The FNM’s Narrative

Dear Editor, It is sad when intelligent PLPs like Alfred Sears and Khaalis Rolle find themselves seemingly singing from the FNM’s dreadful hymn book on fiscal and investment policy – a chorus that has brought this country untold harm. While any sensible observer must agree with Rolle that the COVID-19 crisis underlines the need for […]

LEADER OF PLP’S PRESS CONFERENCE Tuesday 11 December 2018 Gambier House

STATEMENT BY LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION THE HON. PHILIP BRAVE DAVIS MP, QC MONTHLY PRESS CONFERENCE PLP HEADQUARTERS TUESDAY, 11TH DECEMBER 2018   INTRODUCTION A pleasant good morning to all. Thank you media, supporters, those tuning in via the internet and a special hello to the great and resilient people of Cat Island, Rum Cay […]

PETITION FOR DAMES TO GO (All PLPs should sign this)

The Minister of National Security Marvin Dames is hapless and hopeless.  He must go. The Ferguson family of Captain Byron Ferguson missing at sea on a plane crash that happened on 8 November in the late hours of the evening has started a petition for Mr. Dames to go.  Please sign it. Can you help […]

The PLP’s Statement On Corrupt Lease For New Post Office

From The Chairman of The PLP On The Resolution to Lease Premises from Brent Symonette For Immediate Release 17 October 2018 The Government now proposes to feather the nest of the Minister for Immigration with the proposed lease for five years of the Town Centre Mall for temporary quarters for the Post Office. What a […]

The Course For PLPs ( Deadline 18th June; Cost 120 dollars)

The Progressive Liberal Party’s Chairman Senator Fred Mitchell announced last week a module for aspirants candidates of the PLP.  This week he announced that the module may be of general public interest and so it more generally available for the member of the public.  Here is the announcement and course outline: Module For Aspirant Applicants […]


From The Office Of Chairman of The Progressive Liberal Party On The Anniversary Of The Sinking of HMBS Flamingo 10 May 1980 For Immediate Release   10 May 2018 Today the PLP joins with the nation in remembering the sacrifice made by four young men on the open seas near Ragged Island on 10 May […]

The PLP’s Official Position On Marijuana

Caricom’s Marijuana Commission meeting in Nassau 5 January Holy Trinity Hall The following statement is issued from the Office of the Chairman of the PLP in answer to a question posed by The Tribune but is made generally available: Question: Does the PLP have a position on legalization of marijuana Mr Mitchell? Or is it […]

PLPs Attend Church To Mark The 64th Birthday Of The PLP

Remarks by The Hon Philip Davis QC MP Church Service Marking 64th Anniversary of the PLP Faith United Missionary Baptist Church Faith United Way Nassau, The Bahamas Check Against Delivery Reverend William Thompson and Mrs. Thompson, other Reverend gentlemen and ladies, Deputy Leader Chester Cooper MP, Chairman Senator Fred Mitchell, Parliamentary colleagues, Party Officers and […]


The family is sitting in their home which they bought in the boom years from 1998 to 2007. The expansion of the Bahamian economy, allowed the workers who took jobs at Atlantis to buy new homes. They got two mortgages. Many could not make the down payment requirements. The banks offered them a loan for […]