Fred Smith Q C—Slime Ball Politics

Anyone who is not now convinced that Fred Smith Q C is a pretty sick individual should now be convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt.  This is now time for someone to move under the provisions of the Mental Health Act have him committed to the crazy hill for the political lunacy which he […]

Theo Neilly Is Bowing Out Of Politics

This was by all accounts a good representative.  He started out long ago as a PLP Young Liberal then converted to FNM.  The talk was that Brent Symonette was funding his campaign and his representation and helped to win him over to the FNM.  The truth is that anyone who knows Brent Symonette knows that […]


This is a thoughtful piece by a young PLP on the make.  He has volunteered to run for one of the Vice Chair positions in the PLP. While the theory on charismatic leadership is true to some extent, viagra the more basic fact is that the PLP is structured around a council where the votes […]