There is no question about who is the lousiest representative in the House of Assembly today. That is the MP for Fox Hill Shonel Ferguson. She is lazy and politically deceptive. Just doesn’t do her work..  It seems she has an inflated and mistaken idea about what a representative is but she simply cannot deliver. […]

A Day At The Pool In Fox Hill

Senator Fred Mitchell with Mrs Kathleen McKenzie at the Fox Hill Community Centre 5 June Senator Fred Mitchell with Orlando Brown at the Fox Hill Community Centre swimming pool 5 June Senator Fred Mitchell getting his grill at the Moss Family reunion in Fox Hill 5 June

The Swimming Pool In Fox Hill Is A Hit

As at 15 April 2:33 p m. some 64,418 people had viewed the 15 second video of the first swim of the children of Fox Hill in the swimming pool.  Amazing.  The pool is a big hit.  Last week, the Blue Waves Swim Club and their coach and parents came down for a photo shoot […]