Statement from The Progressive Young Liberals  25 June 2020 *YOUNG PEOPLE STAND WITH SENATOR JOBETH COLEBY DAVIS* Young people across this nation are incensed and disappointed with the conduct of Attorney General Carl Bethel in the Senate today. Mr. Bethel, a 59 year old male and seasoned politician stood today to personally attack Senator Davis, […]

Donneldo Harris Of PYL Speaks On Moody’s Downgrade

Almost a week ago, the Tribune reported that Moody’s has once again placed the Bahamas on credit rating review. This brings about an important question; when do we as a nation decide what our worth is? On May 8th almost twelve years ago, Moody’s gave Lehman Brothers a AAA rating (which is the highest investment […]

PYL Food Initiative Headed By Duran Saunders And Jerad Darville

PYL( Progressive Young Liberals) : Helping Hands is an initiative geared towards helping those in need, through the distribution of groceries, during this pandemic. 8th April 2020 was the launch of PYL: Helping Hands where we distributed a significant amount of groceries in the Pinewood Constituency. PYL is grateful to be in a position to […]

PYL Vice Chair T’Sean Mott Speaks On Covid 19 | 9 April 2020

The government’s initial response to the first case of Covid-19 was a curfew between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. This response was deemed appropriate by the opposition, medical professionals and even citizens. As cases of Covid-19 gradually rose and spread to different islands, the government’s response was to impose a 24-hour lockdown […]

PYL Election Results

PYL Officers voting results: Ballot count total 153 Spoiled ballot 5 Chairman Kermit Ferguson 73 Jamal Butler 53 Tevin Ferguson 34 1st Vice Chair Neresssa Seymour 98 Jordan Fowler 54 2nd Vice Chair Lamar Matthews 102 Glenisha Albury 56 Secretary Uriza Hutcheson 89 Adrianna Knowles 70 Assistant Secretary Talea Saunders 109 Nahomie Nicholas 109 Treasurer […]