PLP Leader Questions Jeffery Lloyd

Questions Appearance of the Minister of Education Out Of Quarantine  For Immediate  Release  15 August  2020 Some public explanation is required from the Prime Minister, the so called Competent Authority, for the apparent appearance at a food store this morning by the Minister of Education in the official car accompanied by his wife. Can the […]

A Writer On Line Questions The FNM’s Integrity

Tribune Editorial Warns The Government On Disney The Tribune’s editorial of Friday 19th October wants to have its cake and eat it to with regard the FNM administration and Hubert Minnis.  Having campaigned for the FNM (they lied in the editorial and said they were objective), they now find that they are the victims of […]

Questions To Disney And The MP South Eleuthera

Disney went to press in The Bahamas on Frida 19th October and laid it all out to the public and the government, make your decision by today about our project in South Eleuthera or else.  They said there was no alternative proposal and they had waited long enough and so the idea of the One […]

Chamber Of Commerce Questions Bid

A letter to the Board of the Bahamas Power and Light Company has been leaked to the press questioning the award of a contract to Shell to build a natural gas plant to supply fuel and power to BPL in its next generation.  The letter asks the Board to explain how it is that the […]