PYL Food Initiative Headed By Duran Saunders And Jerad Darville

PYL( Progressive Young Liberals) : Helping Hands is an initiative geared towards helping those in need, through the distribution of groceries, during this pandemic. 8th April 2020 was the launch of PYL: Helping Hands where we distributed a significant amount of groceries in the Pinewood Constituency. PYL is grateful to be in a position to […]

Why Navarro Saunders Is Dead Quiet

You may remember that Navarro Saunders, the FNM ideologue, who campaigned to vigorously defeat the PLP in Grand Bahama, was on the warpath for a minute there in Freeport against the FNM accusing them of delaying their satisfaction of FNM supporters…  Then suddenly the voice fell silent.  He is ow working at the Department of […]

Walt Saunders Backs Out Of Inagua Fight

There was a set of announcements last week that Walt Saunders who was to be the FNM’s standard bearer in the next general election in Mical was withdrawing from the race because of sickness.  He was a bright and shining star but burned out in the firmament before he could shed any light.   He claims […]


On Friday 26th September  Rev. Sammy Saunders celebrated turning 81 and this was the 31st Annual Celebrations put on for the underprivileged children. Some of the children in attendance were from Stapledon School, sovaldi the Ranfurly Home, the Children’s Emergency Hostel, the Bilney Lane Children’s Home, Bain and Grants Town Communities. Persons bringing remarks included, […]