12 May 2020 The Progressive Liberal Party releases for general information the note sent by the party to the Minister of Foreign Affairs: Minister: I wish to copy you the excerpt from the statement of the Leader of the Opposition on Sunday 10 May 2020:“We also ask the Government to explain how the Consul General […]

The FNM’s Poor Housing Programme

From Picewell Forbes Shadow Housing Minister On FNM Housing Programme For Immediate Release 29 August 2018   The picture of a Prime Minister and his Minister of Housing laying a plaque to promote the sale of a mere ten lots shows how desperate this government is for good news.  Unfortunately there is no good news […]

Chipman Opposition FNM Shadow Foreign Ministers On Haitians

Hubert Chipman told the press in the Nassau Guardian following the visit of the Haitian President to the Opposition on Tuesday 29th July that the FNM agreed that the children born to Haitians in the Bahamas should be naturalized G. P. Beltramello1, V. Manicardi2, R. Trevisan3satisfactory, with a gradual but constantprocess is to assume a […]