The PLP’s Statement:21 August 2020 We extend condolences  to the family of the late retired Justice Neville Smith who sadly passed  away today. Justice Smith  gave years  of dedicated  service to our country in the public service and as a judge. On behalf of the Leader Philip Davis and Mrs Davis, Deputy Leader Chester Cooper […]

Fred Smith Disciple Gets A Chance Overseas…Sorry He Is Linked To Him

So Fred Smith Q C has set upon the world a protégé who he is boasting about  named Crispin Hall.  The man has apparently accomplished something on his own that of being reportedly the second person to be appointed to the United Nations Human Rights Commission on Refugees.  The source of the information appears to […]

UB President Rodney Smith Is Leaving?

A report circulating over the weekend from the web site USNEWS.com said that the now University of The Bahamas President Rodney Smith has been nominated for the post of President of West Virginia State University in the United States. Dr. Smith did not actively apply for the job but was nominated. It seems that the […]


Justin Smith who is seeking the nomination for St Barnabas from the PLP delivered this statement at the PLP’s press conference on Wednesday 20 May 2020 to protest the harshness of the penalties imposed by Magistrates against people who are charged with breaking the curfew laws. Mr. Smith says he will be lobbying the PLP […]

Justin Smith Comments On Covid 19 Measures By The Government

Statement from Justin Smith, Aspirant Candidate for Public Office in Response to the Government’s heightened COVID-19 Policing Measures.  Inciting fear among our people, while over policing them will NOT get us through this crisis. We need emphatic compassionate leadership to beat this; recognizing that as we fight COVID-19 so many persons are fighting joblessness, poverty, […]


Statement From The Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party On New York Times Article On Peter Nygard For Immediate Release 24 February 2020 This is a message to all PLP members, supporters of the progressive cause and Bahamians of goodwill. The New York Times published an article on Sunday 23 February 2020 about the lawsuit […]

James Smith Warns The FNM On OECD Inspired Laws

We agree with James Smith and the PLP should not support the government in passing these measures in the Parliament. The story is excerpted from The Tribune 7 December 2018: The Bahamas will score a “false victory” if it avoids Europe’s latest “blacklist”, a former finance minister argued yesterday, as it represents another step in […]

Fred Smith Loses The Rony Jean Case

The Court of Appeal unanimously tossed out Fred Smith’s wacky and phony case for a man named Rony Jean who could not identify himself much less his nationality, yet Mr. Smith got a Judge at first instance to make the most extraordinary ruling.  The Judge Greg Hilton decided that  the crown had violated the rights […]

In The Frank Smith Case 69 Calls Made 54 from the Lady To Frank

  The evidence in the case the Government has made against the former Senator Frank Smith is that the Frank Smith called the virtual complaint Barbara Hanna.  The Crown produced logs which supposedly showed that Mr. Smith was constantly calling her.  It turns out though that the log presented by the Crown didn’t quite match […]


(Tribune business Friday 27 April 2018) James Smith, the former Central Bank Governor and Minister State for Finance decried the speed with which The Bahamas is moving  to establish a beneficial share registry and other financial services sector reforms.  He thinks that we are getting little in return for doing the work of others.  We […]

Prosecutorial Misconduct Alleged In Frank Smith Case

The case of the Government against former PLP Senator Frank Smith is becoming more and more of a joke in the eyes of the public.  This is now more so than ever given the allegations of prosecutorial misconduct made by his Attorney K D Knight in the Court on 28 February.  The star witness took […]

Fred Smith Q C—Slime Ball Politics

Anyone who is not now convinced that Fred Smith Q C is a pretty sick individual should now be convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt.  This is now time for someone to move under the provisions of the Mental Health Act have him committed to the crazy hill for the political lunacy which he […]

Dion Smith Defends His Good Name

Dion Smith who was treated like a criminal when the police mistakenly kept him in jail overnight looking for two speakers, a computer hard drive and a TV set. Turns out all the stuff belonged to him. The police descended shortly after the general election with guns drawn (semi- automatics) if you please, and ski […]

Fred Smith Meeting In Bimini Is Environment By False Pretences

There was supposed to be a government sponsored meeting in Bimini to discuss the environment on Thursday 15 June.  Turns out it wasn’t what it was advertised.  Fred Smith and his band of quacks and frauds who call themselves Save The Bays, the fake environmental organization, were at the meeting trying to drum up support […]

Fred Smith Attempts To Bribe Fred Mitchell

Fred Smith QC has once more gone over the top.  He circulated a video tape on Saturday 22 April where he is seen speaking and a black man shining his shoes.  Mr. Smith is so mentally obtuse that he probably does not realise how patently offensive his conduct is.  It is purely racist.  The more […]

Dwight Smith Of The Police Staff Association Crosses The Line

In the ongoing dispute over overtime pay for the police, the Head of the Police Staff Association reportedly published this note.  The first thing that strikes you is the grammar is appalling.  The syntax worse.  So we publish it without further comment.  That about says everything about why we are in the position we are […]

Fred Smith And Friends Deserve No Special Protection

Statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 8 November 8th November 2016 For Immediate Release The Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Immigration of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas regrets to learn that the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (“IACHR”) has granted the Petition of the Grand Bahama Human Rights Association on behalf of five Save […]

Keod Smith Responds To The Tribune

Statement issued by Keod Smith, Attorney and former Member of Parliament in response to allegations contained in The Tribune and The Punch publications of Thursday 10th March 2016: The Bahamian people would know that for almost three years since it was revealed and documented as an easily verifiable fact that Louis Bacon is the great […]