Senator Fred Mitchell Speaks Opposing The Extension Of The Emergency

The cut and thrust of the PLP opposing the extension of the emergency proclamation on Friday 24 July 2020 in the Senate. Senator Jamal Moss is put in his place… Senator Carl Bethel is put in his place… He condemns the Prime Minister for his off hand invitation to the Leader of The Opposition.  The […]

Fred Mitchell Speaks In The Senate

Senator Fred Mitchell speaks in the Senate opposing the extension of the Public Health Emergency to 31st May 2020. The Opposition sought an amendment to 11 May 2020. Asks how could the Government allow the Speaker to throw the Leader of the Opposition out of the House on the 55th anniversary of Black Tuesday. 27 […]

Donneldo Harris Of PYL Speaks On Moody’s Downgrade

Almost a week ago, the Tribune reported that Moody’s has once again placed the Bahamas on credit rating review. This brings about an important question; when do we as a nation decide what our worth is? On May 8th almost twelve years ago, Moody’s gave Lehman Brothers a AAA rating (which is the highest investment […]

PYL Vice Chair T’Sean Mott Speaks On Covid 19 | 9 April 2020

The government’s initial response to the first case of Covid-19 was a curfew between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. This response was deemed appropriate by the opposition, medical professionals and even citizens. As cases of Covid-19 gradually rose and spread to different islands, the government’s response was to impose a 24-hour lockdown […]


Remarks by Senator Fred Mitchell Chair Progressive Liberal Party At The memorial Service For the late Bradley B. Roberts Lynden Pindling Centre, Gambier House 7 November 2018 It is a rare occasion that I have today: the opportunity to address a body of august notables, such as are gathered here today. I would guess that […]


The hotel in Grand Bahama was empty.  The buffet looked sad. The trees were torn to shreds and looked like someone had gone through with a blow torch. The waiter said the buffet was so reduced because they had only four guests in the hotel since the hurricane. On 15 September when American Airlines landed, […]


REMARKS BY BRADLEY B. ROBERTS NATIONAL CHAIRMAN PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL PARTY WELCOME REMARKS EASTERN REGION SERVICE OF THANKSGIVING 30TH JUNE 2017 SALUTATIONS A pleasant good evening to all. It is always a pleasure to be in the historic community of Fox Hill – a community that embodies the Bahamian spirit and ethos. Ladies and gentlemen, it […]

Bradley Roberts Speaks at Jubilee Cathedral Grand Bahama

Remarks By Bradley B Roberts National Chairman Progressive Liberal Party Religious Services for Five Grand Bahama & Bimini Candidates 2016 Election Under the theme “The Full Armor of God” 17th March 2017 Jubilee Cathedral Freeport Grand Bahama Statement of purpose why we are here. Bishop Godfrey Williams and Mrs. Williams Other Ministers of the Gospel […]