PLPs Do Something Stop Talking

The PLP ought to be congratulated for the turnout at the Labour Day parade on 2nd June in Nassau.  There was gold as far as the eye could see.  The party needs to remember that 60,000 people voted for the PLP.  The PLP’s leaders have to speak up for them.  The PLP’s young people who […]

FNM Will Try To Stop Gray

Leader of the Opposition Hubert Minnis is at it again.  The matter of Alfred Gray is dead and gone and whether or not he threatened a magistrate.  Not so for Mr. Minnis it seems.  Mr. Minnis told the press last week that the FNM intends to stop Alfred Gray from speaking in the House of […]

Lord Don’t Stop The Carnival

Complain, pharm complain, complain. That seems to be the order of the day with regard to the Junkanoo carnival.   The first bit of misinformation was that the Carnival will cost taxpayers 9 million dollars.  Turns out it will be less than four million. So said Tourism consultant Perry Vola Francis, who is the brainchild with […]


  Cleola Hamilton, buy cialis health the Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs lit into Fred Smith as she spoke on the mid-year budget statement on 19 February in the House of Assembly.   She went into his personal history and said how she thought he needed psychological counseling because he was suffering from […]