D’Aguilar Simply Talks Too Damn Much

Can anyone give an example of a time when a microphone was placed in front of Dionisio D’Aguilar, the Chair of Abaco Markets and a Director of the Bahamar project and he simply kept quiet or said no comment. For Christ sake.  This man simply talks too damn much and has no idea what he […]

Dr. Minnis Talks Gobbledygook Again

According the Dr. Hubert Minnis, cialis sale the Leader of the Opposition in the Nassau Guardian Saturday 12 September and the PLP is a sinking ship and Wayne Munroe who just joined the PLP is joining a sinking ship.  Well look who is talking about sinking ship when he isn’t sure he will be around […]


June 19.2015 In the seasons of life i have had more than my share of summers. A long run of sunny days and adventures night filled with lucky stars, uninterrupted by great personal calamity, rewarding in ways i could not have imagined in those formative years growing up in nassau. That was never clearer than […]

Ethric Bowe Talks About How Nasty The Hospital Smells

Princess Margaret should demand her name be removed from that hospital. That hospital looks and smells like a place to go to get sick and die. The Princess Margaret Hospital looks like a health risk to patients, viagra cialis sale employees and visitors. This is a disgrace in 2014. If a public patient needs an […]

Haiti Talks 

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Fred Mitchell In Talks With Turkish Foreign Minister

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