20 People Travel In The PM’s Team To The U N

It was like a pilgrim’s progress.  The PLP said nothing because complaining about the size of a delegation for travel is so stupid.  The only thing that needed to be pointed out was the hypocrisy of it all. The hypocrisy and deceit of complaining in opposition abut the size of traveling delegations for The Bahamas, […]

Carifta Team Sponsored By BTC

CEO of BTC, the phone company, sponsored the Carifta team of young people who were headed to the southern Caribbean, Martinique for sure, for the annual Carifta meet.  Here he is pictured with the swim team.  They returned to Nassau on Saturday 26th March finishing second.  Team was captained by son of Minister of Education Jerome Fitzgerald, Edward Fitzgerald.  The track and field team is […]