Kevin Collie Wins His Case But Tribune In Trouble For Their Comments

The Tribune may be in additional trouble after Kevin Collie, a popular activist who is also a Customs Officer, successfully sued the Bahamas Police Force for false arrest.  The Tribune reported the outcome of the case on their front page on 25 June 2020, faithfully sticking to the facts.  However, in their editorial of the […]

The Speaker On Grand Bahama Port Authority | Tribune 25 October 2018

We repeat this story by Denise Maycock of The Tribune in Freeport. The Speaker again has misspoken. First, he ought to stay out of controversy.  If he wants a position where he can vent his spleen as he likes, then step down as Speaker.  Then what he says betrays like most FNM politicians the woeful […]

The Tribune And The Guardian See The Handwriting On The Wall

(Editor’s note:  The Freeport News’ Editor Fred Sturrup has been on the warpath for some time , having switched his tune from decidedly anti PLP to telling the FNM, it was bad public policy to buy the hotel in Freeport. We wondered what was going on.  Now this week, The Tribune, headed by the journalistic […]

Tribune Columnist Richards Talking Fool About The PLP

A man John Richards wrote in The Tribune about the PLP and its process of review.  He is a fool and a racist. Sorry about such total denunciation.  But every week there is just so much rubbish being printed about the PLP that the only way to deal with it, is to expose their dog […]


16 December Former Free National Movement MP Pierre Dupuch said the actions of the seven FNM rebels led by Loretta Butler Turner guaranteed a win for the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) in the 2017 election. Former FNM Cabinet minister Tennyson Wells has also told The Tribune that Dr Minnis’ ouster will likely amount to nothing.  […]

Deputy Prime Minister Responds To The Tribune

10 March 2016 Statement by The Hon. Philip Brave Davis Deputy Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas The use of an untested affidavit to make allegations that smear my character is irresponsible. It is astounding that a newspaper of record would stoop to such nonsense. This is indeed a new low even for […]

Keod Smith Responds To The Tribune

Statement issued by Keod Smith, Attorney and former Member of Parliament in response to allegations contained in The Tribune and The Punch publications of Thursday 10th March 2016: The Bahamian people would know that for almost three years since it was revealed and documented as an easily verifiable fact that Louis Bacon is the great […]

Nicole Burrows Corrupt Article In The Tribune

The Tribune has become a complete propaganda rag through its columnists.  There is a young woman Nicole Burrows who writes a weekly column on  Tuesdays.  This past week 10 November, sales she wrote on corruption in The Bahamas which she said was the life of The Bahamas and pinned it to the Commission of Inquiry […]

The Not So Funny Tribune Comic Is At It Again

He obviously needs to get a new job. There aint nothing funny about what he writes.  Why he calls himself a comic we will never know. Writes like a drudge is more like it.  What gets you with these anti PLP people who disguise themselves as objective observers is that they mount their arguments always […]

To Tribune Comic: Ya Ma Is An Idiot

( And it’s not very funny) The following piece appeared in The Tribune on 24 July purporting to be a funny commentary on the weekly news.   One of his targets, the Minister of Foreign Affairs who he called an idiot by resorting to Shakespeare.  We reply: “ ya ma is an idiot”.  The problem with […]

Kevin Evans Tries To Defend The Dead Tribune

Last week, we in this column were unabashedly shouting through the rafters at the fact that the Saturday Tribune called the Big T was a big fat failure.  We predicted that The Tribune and The Nassau Guardian would soon be dinosaurs.   Kevin Evans, a letter writer to the Nassau Guardian, who supports the FNM, didn’t […]

Congratulations To Paul Turnquest, Former Tribune Writer

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