It was revealed in the press this week that the Government of Hubert Minnis has gone one step farther in their witch hunt against the PLP and the false war on corruption.  They have caused a letter to be written to the substantive holder of the post of the Financial Secretary Simon Wilson who they […]

Belinda Wilson To Be Director of Education

Our children are in for more bad news in the school system.  The talk about town is despite the warning of former Union President and FNM supporter Kingsley Black not to do it, the FNM administration Dr. Hubert Minnis and Jeffery Lloyd are about to make the Union President Belinda Wilson the new Director of […]

George Wilson Pays Tribute To Bryan Wright

Fifty years ago…when I was 20, and Bryan was 22…the murder count in the Bahamas for two years was perhaps around 10.   We were not breaking into people’s homes at night while they were sleeping.  Residents of this “used to be” Paradise were able to take evening strolls down our dark streets…(we didn’t have too […]

Franklyn Wilson Sets The Record Straight

Yes sir we agree with Franklyn Wilson, sildenafil medical Chairman of Arawak Homes, viagra usa who spoke to The Tribune about the state of The Bahamas and of governance and of business here.  Summed it up perfectly in the interview published in The Tribune on Friday 16th May: “The fact of the matter is there […]