For Immediate Release 2nd July 2020 With unemployment reported and estimated to be as high as fifty percent, Bahamians were justifiably aghast to see the importation of foreign workers from Mexico ostensibly to replace Bahamian workers at a major tourism project in the Abaco Cays. We stand with those Bahamians of goodwill in strong opposition […]

Hotel Workers Let Go In The Thousands

The death toll of the hotel sector continues apace.  Blame everything on the Covid 19 virus, the government’s order and the fact that American are now prohibited from coming to The Bahamas along with their European counterparts. We must save our lives. In the process, Atlantis, the largest employer after the Bahamas Government has laid […]

BPL Union Says No Foreign Workers

Union Chief for the line staff workers at Bahamas Power and Light Paul Maynard raised the alarm at the company when foreign workers showed up at the Clifton plant to maintain the engines which he claimed are to be abandoned and replaced.  This was done after dismissing Bahamians who were working for BPL at a […]

Fred Mitchell Thanks His Workers For Referendum

The following statement as issue by Fred Mitchell MP for Fox Hill for those who helped him in the referendum campaign and the voting day on 7 June:    Mr. Mitchell is shown greeting voters on 7 June outside Sandilands Primary School  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 8 June 2017  I wish to thank all of the members of […]


Nassau, tadalafil case Bahamas – The following is a statement by Citizens For Justice: Former workers of City Markets are angered at the proposal of share offering made by Mark Finlayson this week and have all strongly rejected this offer. Workers have been denied their pension and severance packages since 2012 when the company was […]