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cialis viagra times;”>Description: http://www.thenassauguardian.com/attachments/article/41106/Fred-Mitchell.jpg 

clinic times;”>Fred Mitchell MP

cialis times;”>Fred Mitchell took issue with the assertions in a Nassau Guardian editorial of 18 December:

Mr. Speaker, finally I wish to take issue with an editorial that appeared in the Nassau Guardian of 18 December under the headline The Hypocrisy of the Bahamian Delegation at the Paris Climate Change Talks

The editorial is riddled with self-serving propaganda and non-sequiturs. It is embarrassing and a discredit to whoever taught them the English language.

Imagine describing the Prime Minister’s lobbying on the issue of GDP per capita as “whining” and then suggesting that the issue of the country’s credit rating may extinguish that complaint. Economics 101 of will tell you that the credit rating of a country has nothing to do with GDP per capita and the issue that we must address if we are to get the money for adaption and mitigation on the climate change matter.

Be that as it may however, the one issue amongst others I wish to address is the assertion that illegal immigration has yet to be addressed by the Government.

That is patently, obviously and entirely false, ill-conceived and misdirected.

These folk must be blind as bats.

What concerns us all on this side is the “dumbing” down of language by a newspaper of record which belittles the very label “newspaper of record”.

For the record then, I register my profound disagreement with all that is said in that editorial.