The Aftermath Of Buju

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by Andrew Burrows
from his Facebook Page
31 March 2019

So this just happened in the parking lot leaving Buju. I’m ahead of this guy and his female passenger heading toward the bottleneck to leave the parking lot.

I see the guy trying to push his way ahead even though my car is clearly in front of him. I rev up just to let him know I’m there plus I had my window down having just witnessed a lady driving into a guy’s car and then claiming she didn’t.

We approach the exit and boom. He rolls up on to the back driver’s side door. The cop standing near the gate tells him to roll up off of my car. I’m still sitting inside in shock. I look in the mirror and see the car basically parked onto mine. Now, in a civilized country, having just hit someone, I would expect the guilty party to come out, offer some contrition and hope for the best. Two female cops are off to the side and see the whole thing. I hop out my car thinking we’ll talk it out as men. The thuggish looking guy just sits in the car staring at me. I can hear the female saying something to him, probably rowing him for being the asshole he is and running into me.

Dion Knowles walks up to me and asks me what happened. I point to the car and tell him and the fact that dude’s just sitting in the car not moving and staring at me like I’m supposed to be intimidated. My car is blocking the exit. So I close my door and I go over to the female officers. I ask them to give me some assistance. One mumbles some shit about “private property”. I say “we’re at the stadium, it’s not private property. It’s a parking lot but can you still be here to manage this situation because clearly I’m dealing with an idiot here.” The guy grabs his seatbelt off, squeezes his head and rushes the door like he’s coming out to fight. Never mind that by this time, a male cop shows up. This officer may have been almost as stupid as the guy who scraped my car. Now mind you, I already looked at the scrape and figured it’s something I could probably deal with no problem but the principle of the matter bothered me.

The cops stop the guy from getting out the car and the lady pulls him back. He starts screaming like a bitch at her, cussing her saying she’s aggravating the situation. I was surprised he even knew that word but clearly, the only person aggravating anything was him sitting there not saying anything. The officers stun my by turning to me and telling me to be calm. I say I am calm. It’s this idiot you gotta worry about. So the guy tells the officer that I jumped out in front of him. I point to the car. My whole car is almost past his. He just drove into me. The male officer says go park over there so you two can exchange information and talk.

I say to the officer, “you just saw this guy drive into my car then try to rush me in your presence and you want me to go over there to talk when he refused to get out the car until you came? Are you coming over too because it would make sense since you’re the police. The officer gets mad at me and says go over there like it’s an order. I ask again, will an officer be coming over there too? He starts raising his voice and holding his head and says “sir you making me mad now because all these cars are here”. I say you can’t get mad. It’s my car that got hit and I need a cop to assist. Will someone come? The female cops are standing there looking like dumb and dumber meanwhile the cars behind us are honking because I’m blocking the way.

For a split second, I contemplated taking my key fob and just flinging it into the bushes just to make a point. I go back into the car that’s full of cameras and just as I’m reaching for my camera, I realize that to an idiot with a gun, this may look like one too. My plan was to take a photograph with my camera. I hop back in and the officer again says to me in a very gruff (not authoritative, just angry) way, “go over there, I soon come.”

I pull out and start to join the line going out. The officer demands I go over there. I say to him “you just told me you can’t do anything or won’t do anything so going over there with that asshole is going to accomplish nothing. I will take the L just so I can leave but you guys really didn’t help with anything.” I see him getting mad and probably contemplating doing some biggety dumb cop shit. I say “it’s a private matter so really what could you do? Good night.”

I roll up my window and pull out, looking in the rare view mirror at the guy shouting very aggressively at the woman. She has both hands over her ears and she’s cussing back too.

I drove off fast so that I can get home safely. I’ll deal with the car later but wanted to share this example of just why we are screwed as a country. More examples of just how effed up us Bahamians are coming up.