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If Laish Boyd is not careful with the Anglican Church which he now superintends, he is looking at the graveyard for the church. There is a lot of promise. The great promise is the fact that so many young men and women want to join the church as priests.  However, as Bishop of the Anglicans and this same applies to Patrick Pinder of the Catholics, if they do not engage in a more dynamic evangelism and a more inclusive leadership, they will continue to have declining memberships. The age has changed in a way, the younger ones have a shorter attention span and want to participate more and they want the church to speak more to the issues that concern the human condition.  The Romans have a Pope that leads the way but that dynamic does not meet up here in Nassau. Both the Anglican and Catholic Bishops have to think carefully.  The Romans need more outreach, The Anglicans need to get their services down to an hour and half.  Just too long.  The ordination service for example of the Rev, Dave Thomas on 2nd October 2019 took three hours.  Not good.