The Annual Public Disclosure Ritual Nonsense

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So on Friday 28 February 2020, Sharon Turner of the Nassau Guardian started calling around Senators and Members of the House to ask whether they had field their public disclosure statements.  There is a law in The Bahamas that says that by 1 March every year, Parliamentarians have to disclose their assets income and liabilities to the Public Disclosure Commission and thereafter they are published in the gazette. It is a whole lot of rubbish. The press and the public seem to get a delight out of who has complied with the deadline. You just have to roll your eyes. The deadline can be extended by one month under the law.  In any event, the 1 March this year is a Sunday and the law says that when the date is a Sunday, the day becomes a Monday. So by law the requirement is not until Monday 2 May 2020.  But the thought occurs of all the important things in this country to worry about, they are interested in nonsense about public disclosure.