The Article on Minnis Goes Over Big Time

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viagra buy times;”>Last week we carried in the Comment of The Week an analysis of what is happening with the leadership of the Free National Movement.  We led with the headline: Minnis Supporters to Ingraham: Bring Ya Black Ass.  The article was a big hit and the FNM supporters have said that it’s about right on target.   Meanwhile Frank Watson, the former Deputy Prime Minister who is kind of Hubert Ingraham, the former PM’s spokesman, was in the press again last week saying that Mr. Ingraham does not have any plans to come back. We don’t believe him.  Remember that is exactly what Hubert Ingraham said to Tommy Turnquest in 2006.  Tommy Turnquest was then the Leader of the FNM.  He got a call from Hubert Ingraham the night before the convention to assure Mr. Turnquest that he (Mr. Ingraham) was not going to run against him, only to see Mr. Ingraham nominate on the floor of the convention and defeat him and embarrass him.  We don’t think that Hubert Ingraham will pull that maneuver on Hubert Minnis.   But that’s the FNM’s business whatever they do.  Mr. Watson has to answer this question: if Mr. Ingraham has no plans to come back why is Mr. Watson beating the bushes to get him back.